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Our Services:

1) Pictorial Surveys. In order to establish the actual condition of the air handling unit and ductwork digital photographs are taken throughout the system.  Depending on the type of ventilation system, pictures are taken from the fresh air intake through to the diffusers and grills on supply, return and exhaust air ducts.

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2) Air Handling Unit Reconditioning. The erosion of acoustic installation reduces the life of filters, plugs heat recovery coils and reduces the indoor air quality in the occupied building spaces.  Our standard operating procedures (SOP) for AHU reconditioning outlines the steps to encapsulate the insulation.  Coil cleaning and the complete reconditioning of AHU’s are also described.

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3) Air Duct Cleaning. The HVAC systems are cleaned following our site specific standards in our SOP for commercial, industrial and the health care sectors.  Pre and post-cleaning pictorial reports are prepared to verify that all areas of the project have been cleaned to the clients’ satisfaction.

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